"WWE's Best Of WCW Nitro Vol. 2" erscheint am 12. Februar 2013 | Update vom 04.01.2013: Komplettes Line-Up bekannt

  • Diamond Dallas Page hat nun via Twitter verkündet, dass in der kommenden Woche die Aufnahmen zum DVD Set "WWE's Best Of WCW Nitro Vol. 2" beginnen werden, wo er erneut als Moderator fungieren wird.

    Das besagte WWE DVD Set soll am 12. Februar 2013 veröffentlicht werden, nachdem "WWE's Best Of WCW Nitro Vol. 1" überraschend hohe Verkaufszahlen erzielte.

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    Courtesy of WWEDVDNews, here is the synopsis for WWE's "The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro: Volume 2" DVD and Blu-ray. The set will be hosted by Diamond Dallas Page and is scheduled to hit stores on February 12th, 2013.

    "For six years WCW Monday Nitro went head-to-head with WWE Raw pulling out all the stops to gain the upper hand in the escalating Monday Night War. The place “where the big boys play” produced such a wealth of non-stop thrills action drama and controversy that we could not possibly scratch the surface in one volume. Host Diamond Dallas Page returns to present Volume 2 of the wildly successful Best of WCW Nitro series. Sports entertainment fans will relive eight more hours of the poisonous n.W.o, electrifying cruiserweights and unparalleled star power that delivered an endless supply of timeless matches and moments. All the greatest WCW stars are included such as Ric Flair Hulk Hogan Sting Kevin Nash Rey Mysterio Eric Bischoff Goldberg and more. Plus check out the Nitro Girls Nitro parties, WCW’s spring break bashes, celebrity integration, and several matches never-before-released on DVD."

  • Nur scheiße das ich mir keine WWE DVDs mehr holen kann weil es keinen Händler mehr gibt in Europa und ich die amerikanischen Dvds nicht anschauen kann, weil ich über die PS3 immer gucke. :fie:

  • WWEDVDNews hat nun das offizielle Line-Up vom "The Best of WCW Monday Nitro: Volume 2" DVD & Blu-ray Set veröffentlicht, welches am 12. Februar 2013 erscheinen wird:

    DISC 1

    WCW United States Championship Match
    Sting vs. Ric Flair
    4th September, 1995

    Madusa trashed the WWE Women’s Championship
    18th December, 1995

    Trashing the Gold

    Hulk Hogan vs. Arn Anderson
    12th February, 1996

    Steiner Brothers vs. Road Warriors
    11th March, 1996


    Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Dean Malenko
    6th May, 1996

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
    Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud Guerrera
    16th September, 1996

    Rookie of the Year

    Eric Bischoff’s Biggest Regret
    30th September, 1996

    WCW United States Championship Tournament Quarter Finals Match
    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett
    9th December, 1996

    The Lone Wolf

    Kevin Nash patches up potholes
    21st April, 1997

    Hollywood Hogan makes Sting worship him
    26th May, 1997

    Through the Crowd

    Ric Flair vs. Scott Hall
    2nd June, 1997

    DISC 2


    Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman call out Lex Luger & The Giant
    16th June, 1997

    Rey Mysterio vs. Kevin Nash
    30th June, 1997

    La Parka vs. Randy Savage
    7th July, 1997

    Goldberg vs. Hugh Morrus
    22nd September, 1997


    Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett
    6th October, 1997

    Street Fight for the WCW World Tag Team Championship
    Steiner Brothers vs. Public Enemy
    3rd November, 1997

    NWO sings “O Canada”
    10th November, 1997

    Booker T vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
    15th December, 1997

    Remembering Macho Man

    Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera & Hector Garza vs. Psicosis, Silver King & La Parka
    22nd December, 1997

    WCW United States Championship Match
    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Jericho
    5th January, 1998

    Spring Breakout

    Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Sting, “Macho Man” Randy Savage & The Giant
    9th March, 1998

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    23rd March, 1998

    Raven’s Rules Match for the WCW United States Championship
    Raven vs. Goldberg
    20th April, 1998

    Birth of the Wolfpac
    4th May, 1998

    DISC 3

    NWO Divided

    Kevin Nash & Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan & The Giant
    1st June, 1998

    Chris Jericho meets the real Goldberg
    28th September, 1998

    Nitro Parties

    Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
    21st December, 1998

    Ladder Match for the Taser
    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Hall
    25th January, 1999

    WCW United States Championship Match
    Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
    8th February, 1999

    Jersey Boys

    WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
    Perry Saturn & Kaynon vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Bam Bam Bigelow
    31st May, 1999

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Hollywood Hogan
    12th July, 1999

    Nitro Girls

    WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
    Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Goldberg & Bret “Hit Man” Hart
    13th December, 1999

    House of Pain Match
    Sting vs. Vampiro
    15th May, 2000

    Shane Helms vs. Shannon Moore
    26th February, 2001

    WCW United States & World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Booker T vs. Scott Steiner
    26th March, 2001

    A Celebration of Nitro


    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger
    11th September, 1995

    Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman
    18th September, 1995

    J.L. vs. NWO Sting
    21st October, 1996

    Sting & Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan & Randy Savage
    16th March, 1998

    Steel Cage Match
    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage
    15th June, 1998

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Goldberg vs. Sting
    14th September, 1998

    WCW Television Championship Match
    Scott Steiner vs. Chris Jericho
    1st February, 1999

    Ric Flair & Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash
    15th March, 1999

    Jeff Jarrett reclaims his WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    22nd November, 1999

    DDP and Randy Savage’s War of Words

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