WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross wird neuer Lead-Announcer von "NJPW on AXS TV"

  • Wie WrestlingNews berichtet, wurde am heutigen Dienstag, den 19. Januar 2016 offiziell bestätigt, dass WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross ab dem 04. März 2016 die wöchentlichen „New Japan Pro Wrestling“ Shows auf AXS TV als „Play-by-Play“ Kommentator gemeinsam mit dem NJPW Veteran und ehemaligen UFC-Star Josh Barnett kommentieren wird.

    Jim Ross äußerte sich gegenüber FOX Sports wie folgt zu seiner neuen Aufgabe:


    “This opportunity to work with AXS TV is attractive on many fronts. The travel won’t be weekly but approximately 8-10 trips to Los Angeles in a year’s time. While there, in a two-day, voice-over session, we will hammer out up to six shows. I’m happy OKC now has non-stop flights to LAX.”

    “For me, the New Japan Pro Wrestling business philosophy reminds me of my earlier years in wrestling. I’ve had numerous other offers, some serious and others just flirting to return to TV Wrestling broadcasting but none have had the appeal that AXS TV offered me. We think my style will fit the NJPW in-ring presentation well. We’ll know that conclusively in early March. Plus, AXS TV and I discussed other potential projects outside NJPW.”

    “I’m very excited about this opportunity to get off the bench and get back in the game. My tank is far from empty. The social media feedback, especially on Twitter, regarding the possibility that I might get back behind the mic for some pro wrestling has been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve been touched by the genuine outpouring of support from fans who have been supporters of mine for years.”

    (Quelle: WrestlingNews)

  • Finde ich ne coole Sache, auch wenn ich nichts davon habe :D Aber wenn er es mit seiner Gesundheit verbinden kann, wieso nicht?! Die Türen bei der WWE dürften ja soweit geschlossen sein.

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