Beendet Bobby Lashley in Kürze seine Wrestlingkarriere? | MMA statt Wrestling: Bobby Lashley gibt GFW-Abgang bei GFW IMPACT Wrestling TV-Tapings bekannt

  • Sollte es kein Work sein, gibt es doch noch Hoffnung auf Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley ... :D

    Lashley könnte ich sogar zutrauen das er ne ernsthafte Nummer im MMA wird da er bekanntlich ähnlich ehrgeizig wie Brock ist.

    "You better watch..."
    "Watch what?"

  • Ich glaube kaum, dass er in die Top-Riege aufsteigen kann, wünschenswert wäre es aber auf jeden Fall

    Absolut ausgeschlossen. Für Bellator reicht es, aber wenn Lashley in der UFC gegen Top Heavyweights wie Stipe, Cain Velasquez, Werdum, etc antreten würde, wäre es ein sehr bitterer Abend für Bobby. Das sind verschiedene Welten.

  • Hoffe das es sich hier um einen Work handelt. Lashley gefällt mir nach wie vor gut und für Global Force Wrestling eine Bereicherung.

  • Quote

    Update: Lashley Status with IMPACT

    IMPACTWrestling.Com received the following message from Jim Cornette, “due to the heinous actions of Lashley and American Top Team on IMPACT Thursday night, we have made the decision not to give Bobby his unconditional release from his valid contract. Lashley will be at our disposal when required. That is all.”

    What that means is Lashley remains under contract. Stay tuned for more.

  • Von Dave Meltzer aus dem aktuellen Wrestling Observer Newsletter:


    The Dan Lambert/Jim Cornette/Jeff Jarrett angle over whether Bobby Lashley goes to MMA or stays with GFW is actually great, realistic, and Lambert is like a super heel, but completely believable in the realm of a real story. I guess the idea is that in the end, Lashley chooses pro wrestling over MMA and becomes a babyface but right now he’s caught in the middle between his love for wrestling and his loyalty to his friends. From what I’m told, the segments get better and more heated each week. Except the Lesnar stuff because of how strongly booked Strowman has been and how good Joe’s promos were, and the fact Heyman is so good at laying out programs, this would be the best angle on U.S. television easily. That said, the fact you hear nothing about it says just how far the company has fallen with the fans and how deep the hole is they have to dig out. Plus, on Pop TV, and with WWE churning out so many hours of product weekly that even the former TNA fan base would be priority on, I’m not sure they can fully reach ground level again with that distribution partner