Out of those skills what would be be the msot rewarding at 99?

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    Out of those skills what would be be the msot rewarding at 99? Woodcutting. Mining. Fishing. They are the only 3 I might believe as htey dont take ages such as runecrafting or even theiving, therefore what is moere rewarding, I think fishing because of fast speed of sharks, but woodcutting is also quickly out of mage logs (1.2kea) and mining can get rune ores and bank in neiznot (10kea) What are the most porifitable for, also look at getting there, I can byu a d wc axe and cut willows in BA, fishing I cna fishing trout/salmon at shile, and mining I can powermine 47k granite. Light, I occasionally do not get it. You keep coming up with various goals near 2-3 times each week. Is not it about time you focus on one skill rather than jumping all over the place having others determine what you ought to do. Then you simply take their advise, act on it for approximately ten minutes and develop another question: What should I do? .

    Right that's out of the way, now to the question: Proceed with this particular ability you're comfortable with. Fishing is not the best choice since the recession in costs. Magics have remained about the 1k mark for ages. Leaves mining. My guess is that, from a financial stance, mining would be the smartest choice. 28 iron ores are much less difficult to collect and bank compared to 3 mage logs. While mining Iron set your Miscellanian employees on coal and make cannon balls subsequently.... Get 2 skills up and money since a nice secondary.

    I did some calculations and there's something I don't understand"47k granite? How did you reach that amount? Even in the event that you could control the size of this granite and would just get the medium size you'd still need to have 168k+ of these for to 99. 47k small would get you 85 mining but you would not stand a chance mining Runite against the really fantastic miners.... Better begin focusing on the way to 99 instead of what to do if you have it... Oh and if you would take OSRS gold For Sale the old fashion approach to thieving: crack 270 wall safes subsequently switch into knights... You'd need 152,643 knights to reach 99 netting about 7.5m gp