I figure it should rain now and later in Runescape

  • The integrity of Jagex, however, would be the most significant damage. While it could make the game more enjoyable, players could consider it to be being indecisive or lying about wanting to return the wilderness OSRS Fire Cape. From a business perspective, it would indicate that players who quit and get angry aren't as successful and would possibly help in the long-term growth of the player-base.

    Although it's not going to solve all of the freeplayers' botting problems (as in reality it doesn't do anything for members) I believe it's gotten to the point that a significant step such is required to stop the RWTers. Jagex must continue their efforts in stopping bot-makers and bot-makers and show tangible progress through public updates.

    The most important job of Jagex is to restore trust in its players. Jagex needs to show that they is able to manage the game. At the moment, it seems like it is totally out of their control. I am able to say that despite the fact that I could safely declare that this is my favorite game, this is the closest I have been to giving up. Thank you for reading the thoughts of a teenage late at night.

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