Now you are the leader of a large multiplayer online game

  • I guess that's a lot of work Mut 22 coins ahead. Whatever the case... simply the fact that there are bots upsets me because that's the reason this all happened. Leave a comment if you're offended with any of the punishments.. the possibility that the whole bank was reorganized would be the worst! SCENARIO. In Jagex headquarters, unexpected changes are being made. The activity levels are low, discontent is in the active players and there's an insufficient amount of ideas for staff. Jagex terminates the current Head of Runescape and hires him to bring back the glory of the game on middle school campuses around across the globe. Now you are the leader of a large multiplayer online game. You are more influential. But there's an issue. What do you do now? If I were the head of Runescape, I would acknowledge that Runescape is struggling and that the genre is seriously in danger (see World of Warcraft). League of Legends, however, is another similar game. I would not duplicate what League of Legends is doing but try to look at some things you could learn from that game. I'd also consider improving the combat system. The current combat system is fun to play in PvM, but not for PvP. Because PvM is nearly entirely members the majority of novice players won't have a taste of PvM. It's time to revamp the system so it is able to be used in PvP. Right now the combat system is way too powerful and offensively based for PvP. Maybe adding in some more defensive abilities and reducing the power of attack capabilities at the very least Madden 22 coins when players are present would be an improvement in this direction. I'd listen to any suggestions from the players. Jagex has done this since the beginning, though it may not be 100% efficiency.