NBA 2K22's character action performance is substantially improved

  • The latest version of NBA 2K22 MT has many improvements and modifications. The new version of NBA 2K22 may not be perfect in real play but it is clear that NBA 2K22 has matured and is more comprehensive than NBA 2K21.

    In the game play experience, NBA 2K22's character action performance is substantially improved when compared to NBA 2K21. It's difficult for players to grasp the "skating" impression of model characters in an arena. The seamless and consistent movements make players more comfortable with the feeling of playing a real basketball game. Both the defense and offense have a more relaxed feeling due to the quickness of the character's movements.

    The speed of shooting is greater and those who shoot in the past have to take their time to learn the new shooting experience. The vertical version of the shooting bar was restored to series players.

    The AI's defensive system is more effective and powerful. It also offers faster and more violent defensive backs and other defensive actions. This affects the effectiveness rate for strong jumps, pick-and-roll cuts, and other high-risk moves. Players may need to use more complicated tactics in order to complete the offense faster.

    The biggest change in 2K22's next-gen version is "City of Basketball" in the mode of MC. The "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 has been brought back to the community mode in 2K18 19. The main storyline is combined with "Basketball City" which lets players extend their business areas through various side projects, including music and fashion trends. Develop into an NBA player who has a complete development of intelligence, morality, physical fitness, art and work.

    This game follows the same storyline Buy 2K22 MT as the 2K series. In this game, AI, Junior and DJ characters, as well as other characters from previous generations have been transformed into NPCs. Although the plot is rich and complex but the way that the script interprets it can be inconsistent. A lot of important plots are also lacking logic. This is very embarrassing for the profession model that insists on substituting.