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  • We have completed the first event OSRS GP in the world, and are now more than half way through the second. I think it's a great opportunity to look at the competition and decide which one you like best. I enjoyed the first more, mainly because it was brand new and I had more of a incentive to take part (get warpriest I was thinking that it was going to be the best freeplay armor. But, it was nerfed. Here are some other reasons:

    1, The loser does not die. Bandos will likely end off various storylines, such as the cave-goblin storyline. Yes, quests do happen in the past. But why bother if you can just let him die? In the first quest, Zamorak was kicked out however I believe he is still hanging around Runescape and has a large and loyal fan base. Zamorak is featured in Missing Presumed Death, which I assume takes place after the second world event.

    2, Central central location. I don't like how the Bird and the Beast event is distributed across the freeplay world. It is difficult to get an idea of what is happening if certain aspects of the event are held across the globe. Lumbridge clarified it to me right away. I didn't get the grasp of the Bird and the Beast and was unable to comprehend the specifics. Maybe I'm slow in my thinking, and I think complex thinking is beneficial to me, but simplicity is often overlooked in the world of life.

    3, Experience 3: The construction xp for free is a very popular option. It took me a while to earn 1xp, and I think it was at a rate about 5k/hour. Maybe I do not possess 26 construction.

    4, Even sides. Even though Jagex and I can't manage this, it's an enjoyable event in which the sides are somewhat similar. Everyone was aware that Saradomin would be victorious in the first event, but it was close. PvP is more evenly edge, which is the reason for more complaints this time around.

    Although I am a fan of the PvP aspect of runescape gold 2007 Armadyl against Bandos There are issues with EoC player-to-player combat. It's just a matter of being taken an extra step. Everybody should be fair game. Most of the players in the current stage have advanced levels, therefore it's unlikely that newbies are being swindled. You might be concerned about this. Perhaps there should be + 40 combat levels to attack like Wilderness. (Unless you decide to turn to PvP, then anyone can attack everybody). Although skillers may be exempted from PvP you have to accept that the convoys attacking are allowed to participate in PvP. What are your thoughts?