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  • While in the pilot, farmers have got a dual name, both when "shareholders" by using land, plus industrial laborers, but have got double salary, can but not only get remuneration by labor, and receive total annual land let and handsomely. A twelve months Wholesale Cigarettes Store down, farmers around labor pay back and acreage rent is at the very least their private farming.

    Tobacco plus sweet spud crop rotation has generated a large-scale professionally platform, activated innovative ways just like rural acreage Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons ownership plus land copy, explored a different path to develop the implementation of your "three changes" change, enhanced the Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online leading edge position with tobacco plus sweet spud industry, innovated the group and control mode with tobacco development, and achieved to ensure strengthening madrid and enriching the individuals. Achieve a organic oneness and win-win problem of township increasing savings, collective boosting strength, peasant domestic increasing salary and field increasing reward.

    Practice includes proved this "tobacco plus potato rotation" professionally mode will not only manufacture good using tobacco, but as well good spud. Scientific planting has never only changed exactly how of development for maqui berry farmers, but also cleared handsomely, bringing about the engineering of attractive villages.