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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a very good performance in the player's creative design of the island. Players can use the full set of design tools after the early game loop of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is completed. They can use terraforming…
  • After Genshin Impact was updated to version 2.1, the game added many new content. Among them, if players want to obtain the new four-star long-handled weapon The Catch, they need to exchange for 6 Raimei Angelfish, 20 Golden Koi and 20 Rusty Koi. The…
  • Recently, the game's developers released a trailer. After that, EA Sports showed players how the game will run on the next-generation consoles and showed players a one-to-one game mode between two e-sports players. By watching this video, players can…
  • NBA 2K22 will undergo multiple updates in terms of gameplay innovation. For defense and defensive AL, NBA 2K has made a major update to the basic defensive rotation and will completely rebuild the shooting game and blocking system. In terms of…