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Jim Ross hat nun auf jrsbarbq.com einen weiteren Blog mit interessanten Themen veröffentlicht und zugleich via Twitter viele Fanfragen beantwortet.

Ob Matt Hardy jemals zur WWE zurückkehren wird:
“Matt Hardy should get clean and sober & not worry about wrestling until his life isn’t an embarrassment & being put at risk.”

Warum SmackDown! nicht wöchentlich ausgestrahlt wird:
“Smackdown isn’t live because of exorbitant, increased tv production costs of keeping production crew on road all week.”

Ob die Gerüchte, wonach er eine Autobiographie über sich plane, wahr wären:
“Not true..more Internet dirt. I’m not in process of writing a book. ‘maybe’ some day.”

Ob er jemals in Erwägung ziehen würde, einen Job bei TNA Wrestling anzunehmen:
“I’m a WWE guy plus TNA has excellent announcers & they don’t need my services.”

Warum Owen Hart noch nicht in der WWE Hall Of Fame ist:
“Owen Hart has not been inducted because of potential legal issues w/ his estate, etc.”

Warum Chris Benoit noch nicht in der WWE Hall Of Fame ist:
“Why #ChrisBenoit not yet inducted to #HOF/page/?…. You can’t be serious. No one ever said Benoit wasn’t a great wrestler did they/page/? The last few days of his life precludes his HOF status.”

Warum die WWE immer ihre Pay-Per-Views an einem Sonntag abhält und nicht an einem Samstag und daher viele Fans außerhalb der USA wie z.B. in England, Deutschland, etc. aufgrund von Arbeit & Schule wegen der Zeitverschiebung keine Möglichkeit haben, die PPVs live zu schauen:
“Fair question but I don’t know the answer but I can assume that tradition and on going research has helped solidify Sunday as WWE PPV day. Plus, WWE has to cater to the largest segment of their audience, for now, and that is North America. All fans are important but the largest potential PPV audience is in North America.”

Ob Batista jemals zur WWE zurückkehren wird:
“I’d never say never on Batista but I’d be shocked if he attempted to come back and compete as a full time wrestler.”

Über den Schlaganfall von Jerry Brisco in dieser Woche:
“My dear friend Jerry Brisco had a mild stroke on Wednesday just before he was to fly to Mexico to attend the Pan American games to scout amateur wrestlers for WWE. Luckily Jerry’s son Wes was driving his Dad to the Tampa Airport but instead took the WWE HOFer to the hospital after Jerry described how he was feeling. More tests are being run and other specialists opinions will be acquired to attempt to discover why the younger brother of the great, Jack Brisco is having these serious issues. I assure you that Jerry Brisco is a fighter and when I talked to him this week nothing was ever more evident. Many fans will never know how vital Jerry Brisco was to the WWE Talent Relations department over the years particularly when we were signing some of WWE’s future, biggest, all time stars and looking far and wide for world class athletes to comprise the WWE roster.”

Was Jim Ross zur aktuellen ESPN Doku über Scott Hall zu sagen hat:
“Addiction is so deadly and dangerous and why some individuals seemingly can’t get away from alcohol and drug abuse perhaps will always be a mystery. The obligatory emails and Tweets about Scott going into the WWE Hall of Fame or perhaps becoming a broadcaster in WWE feel so untimely as the ONLY thing that Scott should focus on is getting healthy via being clean and sober. I sincerely and truly hope that he succeeds. I will tell those that don’t know that Hall was gifted with a great mind for the wrestling business.”

Über RAW in Mexiko und eine mögliche zukünftige In-Ring Fehde zwischen Michael Cole und Jim Ross, die von einigen Fans gefordert bzw. gewünscht worden ist:
“The Mexico City Raw was a unique experience and it is always nice being a part of WWE history as it was the first Raw TV from Mexico. Our segment featuring the tag match between Cole/ADR vs. Cena/JR seemingly did great in the all important TV ratings. Thanks for tuning in. In a perfect world, that would be my LAST foray into the ring as an active competitor/participant. Think a cow on ice wearing bowling shoes. For some fans with over active imaginations and too much free time, I’d like to think that there is hopefully no chance that Cole vs. JR ever happens any where especially at a Wrestlemania event. As Ron White would say, “Let it go.”

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