CM Punk äußert sich negativ zu The Rock

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WWE Champion CM Punk hat sich nun in „The New York Daily News“ negativ über The Rock geäußert und behauptet, er würde sich wie eine große Hollywood-Diva aufführen und keine Zeit mit dem restlichen WWE Lockerroom verbringen

„You know, the thing about that is, he’s not around. He’s not around. It doesn’t help morale when the guy goes right from his limo to the dressing room to the dressing room to the ring. He’s very bourgeois Hollywood.“

„He came back, he did WWE Raw after that. He said he was never gonna leave. And the next time we saw him is a month later. Yeah, it does bother me. A little hello would have been nice. He could have run by with his own entourage.“

Auf die Frage, ob The Rock die neue WWE Diva sei, meinte WWE Champion CM Punk trocken:

„I can’t say that. At least the WWE Divas say hi to me in the halls.“

Quelle: New York Daily News

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